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The students behind this report are: Anna Gabriela Buslowska (anbus17), Andrzej Omieljanowicz (anomi17), & Anne Katrine K. Egsvang (anegs12) University of Southern Denmark 8th May 2018


  1. Introduktion
    1. Warehouse setup
      1. Track 1
      2. Track 2
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      Using multiagent system to search for treasure

      Nicklas Schmidt Hansen (nicha13), Anders Nyboe Jensen(andej13) and Niclas Kildahl Laugesen (nilau12)


      The purpose of this project was to create a multi agent system of robots to scan an area for a treasure. The area for this project was a miniature version of the SDU campus Odense using different colors of cardboard to signify the different buildings. The robots were ...

      Treasure hunting with a Multi Agent System

      Programming of Robots and Other Physical Devices (OK-PRF17) University of Southern Denmark
      By Group 2: David Nyrup Dyrholm (dadyr13), Nicklas Mandrup Frederiksen (nifre12), Emil Lindgren Ipsen (emips12), and Martin Kjølbye Sørensen (maso413)
      This project was executed and described by Group 5: Jonas Grundtvig (jgrun13), Søren Holm Juul (sojuu12), Thor Lind (thlin10), Trine Søberg Torp (trtor13)

      University of Southern Denmark 2th May 2017


      The aim of this project...